Pastoral Council

The CCCWDC Pastoral Council is the governing organ of the community and made up of their elected leaders. They are elected to serve for a term of three years as a consultative body to the priest. The council also serves as a liaison between the parish where Cameroon Catholics worship, the community, and as needed, the archdiocese of Washington. The current members of the pastoral council are:


CCCWDC Pastoral Council Members

Chairperson: Mr. Pius Ambe

Vice Chair: Mrs. Jane Bangang

Secretary: Ms. Fausta Tabe

Vice Secretary: Mrs. Stella Fru

Financial Secretary: Mr. Divine Anjeh

Community Liaison: Mr. Lambert Mbom

Catechist: Ms. Ita Ngang

Social Secretaries: Mr. Felix Anoma & Ms. Shuri Bangang